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The pilot recently reached its first-year mark and we are working with an independent evaluator to understand how the resources are changing the lives of the Moms and their families. The feedback is profound. Some Moms have gone back to school, others are saving to buy a house, starting a college savings fund or opening retirement accounts. Some have moved to a better living situation or purchased a car. All have shared how the extra dollars have reduced stress in their lives and allowed them to spend more time with their children. The impacts of the guaranteed income are powerful and meaningful.

What we have also learned in our conversations with the participants over the first year is that they could benefit greatly with assistance in a couple of key areas. Financial planning and management tops their lists, with a desire to maximize the impact of the additional money they now have available. Second is the ability to access quality childcare, so that they can attend school or apply for a new job knowing that their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. Lastly, workforce training – resume writing, interview skills and more – would be very valuable to them.

If you're interested in providing support to the Moms in any of these three areas, you can do so right now. The MOMentum Fund of MCF has been established so that anyone in the community can participate in the pilot. Via the secure online portal, accessed via the link below, a donation of any size can be made and be immediately directed to the Moms. 

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