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How It Works: A collage of vibrant shapes including geometry and California

How it Works

125 MOMS
Nine different color oblong shapes in rows of three
$1,000 PER MONTH
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125 Moms with children under the age of 18 will participate in the pilot. They will receive $1,000 per month over the course of two years.

They will also have access to a virtual platform, UpTogether, to support their building of social capital, connect them with other Moms, facilitate networking, help develop goals and share information and resources.


This pilot is designed to give Moms an opportunity for greater independence over their lives, their finances, and the future for them and their children.

We undertake this pilot with the advantage of the considerable experience of our primary grantee, UpTogether (previously Family Independence Initiative), and a community advisory group comprised of representatives from the County and local service organizations.


Through our initial work with The Book of Mom, we identified a large pool of Moms throughout the county and we used that database to recruit applicants. Those interested in participating submitted an application to UpTogether, and those that met the criteria were placed into a final group from which 125 were selected at random.


The pilot focuses on low-income Moms of color with a child, or children, under the age of 18. We start here because the data proves that these women disproportionately feel the impact of poverty and inequality in Marin County.


The Moms come from throughout Marin County with representation from southern, northern, west, and central Marin. 


There will be no requirements as to how the $1,000 can be spent or how the services can be leveraged. That is at the sole discretion of the participants. In partnership with Moms, we will be collecting data throughout the course of the project to understand the impact this money and support has on the Moms’ lives.

This pilot will provide MCF with a blueprint from which we can design larger-scale projects in the future. It will provide critical information for policymakers. And, most importantly, we hope it will give 125 members of our community the opportunity to gain more independence over their lives, the ability to feel more financially stable, more time to spend with their children, and hope for the future. Which is what we believe we all deserve.”

Johnathan Logan, MCF

Johnathan Logan

Vice President of Community Engagement


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