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Our Partners

Oakland-based national nonprofit UpTogether (formerly Family Independence Initiative) serves as the implementing partner and administrator of the program. A leader in its field, UpTogether’s 20-year data set has proven that low-income communities can increase their economic and social mobility when they are in environments that support self-determination and mutual support, and where access to resources is determined by strengths not deficits.

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Staff from the County, primarily those from the Department of Health & Human Services, will be close partners in key details of service such as health care, workforce training, and balancing of benefits.

Community Nonprofit Organizations

Staff from a variety of Marin's community nonprofit organizations will bring their knowledge, expertise, and trusting relationships to the table.

Social Policy Research Associates logo

Social Policy Research Associates (SPRA) will serve as the pilot’s independent evaluation partner. With deep expertise in the philanthropic research field, particularly quantitative and qualitative evaluation, its team will provide objective and thorough insights using culturally appropriate methodologies.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Marin Community Foundation and Moms of Marin on this innovative pilot. Rooted in community strength, racial equity, and research, this pilot will expose the ingenuity of Marin Moms and will add to our national body of evidence that investing in community strength is the most effective way to accelerate social and economic mobility."

Jesús Gerena, MCF

Jesús Gerena



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